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Special prices for guests of Calinda Beach Acapulco La Quebrada Fort of San Diego – Historical Museum Trolley Tour Palao Island Club, Roqueta -Rock Island-

It is one of the most important tourist attractions located in the classical, within walking distance of downtown. Natural scenery, made up of cliffs. Place

Roqueta, or Rock Island is the largest island in Acapulco. You can swim, snorkel, scuba dive and kayak there. The only way to

The Acapulco tourist trolley tours the most beautiful and representative areas of Acapulco Bay on two distinct routes. The first visits the Golden Zone and

It was built by the Spanish to protect the pirates plaguing the coast of Acapulco, with the intention of attacking ships and Nao

Tehuacalco is an archaeological site that offers four tours of the ceremonial center of the ancient Yope culture. The Yope people

The Acapulco Cultural Center is the largest and most important handicraft shopping area in Acapulco. Here you will find beautiful arts and crafts typical of

Best known as the Chapel of the Peace, the church is located at the peak of the hill El Guitarrón, the highest area of Acapulco

Internationally recognized for its spectacular sunsets and sometimes for being on the path of whales and dolphins, Pie de la Cuesta is ideal for romantic

A ride on a motorboat trip will enable you to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Sierra Madre, the Presidio Island, the Montoya Island, and

Dolores Olmedo House, also known as the House of the Winds is located in the traditional area of the port of Acapulco.

Acapulco is an ideal destination for relaxing and having fun. You can of course sunbathing but also engage in various aquatic activities such as: surfing,